I'm a product designer in the Bay Area. I work on SaaS, enterprise software and developer tools. In a former life I worked in architecture.


  • Datadog: Service Map

    Led the design of one of our most ambitious visualization and data-driven prototyping exercises to-date.

  • Datadog: Synthetics

    Led the design of a new product with an acquired team, and brought it to market in less than 6 months.

  • Datadog: Monitor Management

    Served as both product manager & lead designer on an initiative to help our largest monitor users, with tens-of-thousands of monitors each, manage them at scale.

  • Opsee: Company & Product Launch

    Raised a seed round, hired a team of 6, and launched a company, product, and marketing campaign in our first year.

  • Don't Make Me Code

    Co-hosted 13 episodes of a podcast about Developer Experience (DX) Design as part of the Heavybit Podcast Network. Interviewed founders and industry leaders in the developer tools space.